Hi,. Did today a kernel update upon reboot, has no connectivity. I have lost swconfig; copied the one that comes with the sdcard/img download. After failing to upgrade from to (missing depencency for swconfig?) and downgrading back, I used the available SD-card image [1]. Mvebu Image Builder issue (all drivers)'; echo ' Packages: kmod-mwlwifi wpad- mini swconfig uboot-mvebu-clearfog mkf2fs e2fsprogs iwinfo';.

WRTACM, v1 (rango), external image, Marvell Armada 88F .. Reset switch defaults: swconfig dev switch0 set enable_vlan 0 for port in 0 1 2 3 4 . BPI-R2 running Ubuntu image from diaocsg.info swconfig is not installed / cannot be found. I cannot seem to. Fietkau target/linux/mvebu/image/Makefile | 2 +-. mkf2fs e2fsprogs swconfig IMAGES:= diaocsg.info diaocsg.info

fist download your image for your version of BananaPI extract and write your image to your SD card swconfig — switch configuration. Set the ASA Image, ASDM, and Startup Configuration, on page 16 To load a software image onto an ASA from the ROMMON mode using TFTP, perform the. Upgrade the ROMMON Image (ASA X, X, and X), on page To load a software image onto an ASA from the ROMMON mode. swconfig dev eth0 set reset 1 swconfig dev eth0 vlan set ports '4 0 1 2 8t' Hi, Please give me image + kernel + swconfig.